Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drew IS Pauly Bleeker!!!

My man has been rockin' the last couple of months and it is imperative I update you all on his progress. He started the marathon schedule (with me) and I only lasted a month. Drew has stuck with it VERY WELL, continuing to do the hard runs on Saturdays as well as work out each day like the schedule says. Tonight was his 14 miler. I am really proud of his determination and passion for the whole thing. It is SO hard for me to do and I am behind him all the way. I hope I've been supportive enough for him. I can get a bit grouchy sometimes when he gets home after six and he's tired from working out. I know how important this to him and it's great for his health. GOOD JOB BABY!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I actually ran!

I have been soooo off my game its ridicules! But last night I went out and ran for the first time in a while. I count the week of Disneyland as a regular week. Man we walked a ton! I am not on schedule but Drew is. He is doing way better then me! He ran 6 miles yesterday where I ran about a mile and a half! I do have cool news though. We are planning our first 10k in July with a co worker and his wife. I don't remember the date or which one it is. Drew told me about it and I am so on board! 10k sounds big but its only 6 something miles. I can do that. Having that goal in sight will help me stay on schedule.

Monday, April 28, 2008

loss of poundage

Since I last posted, I haven't exercized, but I have lost 9 lbs. WooHoo! I always have to get sick to lose weight, I"d rather lose it by doing something fun, but I guess I'm too old and sore to do that. I would love to play softball, or join curves again, but everything hurts, most of the time these days. Good luck to all y'all.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lazy Lazy Lazy...

What is my problem?! I am so good about doing something for a few weeks and then I totally lose focus or whatever. I am serious that I am becoming that beached whale I don't want to be but it's so much easier to ly on the bed or couch and eat chocolate and drink my DP. I am so proud of my sweet husband. He has stuck to the marathon program and is "Rockin the Suburbs"!!! He ran 3 miles last night. I am going to go for a run tonight after Idol is over. Maybe that will get me back into the game.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ain't Nothin Gonna Break My Stride...

Well, that's a lie! I sorta took the week off and not intentionally! With the family here it was not on my top priority list. I went to Volleyball at the church tonight and I had SO MUCH FUN! It's going to be every Wed at 8:30. That's all well and good but Drew likes to play b-ball at 9 so I have to cut it short. It's a good compromise I guess. Tomorrow I am going to run for 30 minutes and then Friday I'll do some sort of X training. My next worry is that we are leaving for Disneyland Saturday. We'll be gone for a week. That alone is going to be some exercise!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring is here.

It's warm enough to walk and so I did. Today I walked about 2miles maybe 2 in a half. My friend Crystal and I walked down to the park and walk home. It was a lot harder on the way home because I was pushing the stroller with Kaylee in and Brady on top. I feel good, I am glad I walked today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rest, HA!

Ok so I didi walk for about an hour. On the minimal strain level but I walked. It counts when you are walking around an antique alley right? Well my walking might be a little more intense now that my car died again. I called my dad and I am waiting gor him to come help me fix the car. I think it needs a new alternator. Shoot I hate it when it gives me problems. Well that is ok it makes me appreciate my car so much more. At least the weather isgood here and perfect for walking or strolling. Almost 60. I love it.